Get real results on Twitter with only 5 steps

5 Steps to becoming an Authentic influencer on Twitter

Are you among the millions of marketers trying to grow your social media presence at blinding speed? Do you feel that you’ve been sharing content but not receiving the engagement you expected? Maybe you feel that you’re getting more followers but you don’t feel ‘connected’ to them. Perhaps you’ve been regularly posting links to your own content but your data shows only trickles of …

Reinhardt5 Steps to becoming an Authentic influencer on Twitter

10 Undeniable Reasons You Should Consider ‘Buying’ Traffic

So you’ve launched your new website and aggressively tackled social media marketing. My guess is you’ve been reading up on SEO, and how doing content marketing is the next best thing for getting eyeballs. So… How’s your web traffic looking? If it looks amazing, then good for you. Your strategy is paying off! If not, there’s hope. Actually, there’s a cure …

Reinhardt10 Undeniable Reasons You Should Consider ‘Buying’ Traffic

How to get customer feedback to improve your product

Believe it or not, you are sitting on a gold mine of information that can be used to get your business more money. I’m going to show you what that goldmine is, why its a goldmine and then I’m going to show you exactly how to mine it! Why are Google, Facebook and Twitter so successful? The products are great. …

ReinhardtHow to get customer feedback to improve your product

80+ Tools For Online Business

When I started writing this post I thought of only 10 items to share. Well…I fooled myself. Big time. I couldn’t stop. Before I knew it I came up with a list of 51 tools and resources for online business. Things that I’m either currently using or have used in the last 18 months. Took a break. Made myself a …

Reinhardt80+ Tools For Online Business

10 Ways to Increase Business Visibility

I remember when I launched my very first website. That amazing feeling when it went live and the proud moments when I re-read my content – over and over. All I could think about was how many people were going to love it. Until I realized no one was pitching up at my party. 

Reinhardt10 Ways to Increase Business Visibility

8 Tips to Boost Sales

Most entrepreneurs were taught that in order to make money, they have to sell hard. That might have worked in the marketing booming era, but today the game is very different. Consumers from all generations have been exposed to marketing at a mammoth scale. Big brands and their agencies are always trying to reinvent their marketing approach as it’s getting …

Reinhardt8 Tips to Boost Sales

6 Steps to stress less and be hyper productive

I’m going to show you step-by-step how to frame your day in such a way that you get STUFF DONE but more importantly, that you finish your day feeling like a winner – no matter how fast paced the industry is you work in. Do you feel overwhelmed most of the time? Do you want to be more productive? Are …

Reinhardt6 Steps to stress less and be hyper productive

Build Your Ideal Customer Profile

Do you feel that you are spending piles of money on advertising, but your sales are ‘average’? Do you feel you’re spending too much time selling to people yet the extra time invested doesn’t add the extra revenue you’ve wished for? I know, I know. You had an awesome idea for a product, you did some validation (I hope), started …

ReinhardtBuild Your Ideal Customer Profile
Decision making

Free Decision Making Tool

When I started this blog, I committed myself to producing content that adds value to your life. I hope this one will add value to your life for as long as you use it! Every single one of us has had to make a difficult decision at one point or another in our life. In business, the wrong decision can …

ReinhardtFree Decision Making Tool

15 Blogs For Business Growth

If you’re looking for fantastic business growth tips, then you should follow these 15 bloggers right now. Here are the reasons…

Reinhardt15 Blogs For Business Growth