15 Blogs For Business Growth

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If you’re looking for fantastic business growth tips, then you should follow these 15 bloggers right now. Here are the reasons…

For my first ‘official’ post on GrowthNerd I thought I would share a bit of love for the bloggers/writers who have inspired me. These people have dedicated themselves to their respective fields so much that the value they put out is something that most people would willingly pay for. I would.

If I could sell “bookmarks in a box”, they would make up the product!

Please visit each of these bloggers and subscribe to their blogs, follow them on their preferred social platforms. Whatever you do – connect with them.

When it comes to business growth tips they are right up there with the best of them.

Here we go – in alphabetical order:



Blogger: Andrew Chen

This guy has been an adviser to so many start-ups (many from Silicon Valley). He just oozes credibility. His minimalist style blog is filled with jaw dropping content about business growth particularly focused on tech start-ups. Definitely subscribe to Andrew’s email list. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the content.



Blogger: Brian Solis

Solis’s bio sums it up perfectly – Brian is a digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist, he has studied and influenced the effects of emerging technology on business, marketing, and culture. He is also globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media.

The blog lives up to it all, promise. Brian has shared ‘amaze balls’ content on consumer behaviour, consumer decision making models and other social connection strategies that describe in detail how businesses can connect better with today’s consumer, a.k.a. Generation C. I’m itching to get his new book, “What’s the future of business?” that launches 11 March.



Blogger: Peep Laja

This is arguably the best resource on conversion optimization. Very few bloggers put the level of quality into their content like Peep does. This dude just rocks at it and you’ll see what I mean when you pop over to his site. What I like the most about Peep’s work is the amount of supporting evidence that goes into his recommendations. I haven’t seen anyone back up their statements or advise, what have you, like Peep does. It’s definitely a blog that every business or entrepreneur needs to subscribe to. It’s one of the golden nuggets of the web.



Blogger: varied

I started following CopyBlogger in 2007. Founder Brian Clark was the man running the show back then. He built up a huge cult following to the CopyBlogger brand since then.

Copyblogger used to be THE place to go to learn about copywriting for the web. While it’s arguably still the most influential on the subject, Copyblogger now focuses more on inbound marketing as a whole. Given the shift in technology, consumer behaviour and brand marketing movements, copywriting cannot be seen as a single discipline anymore. It needs to form part of the entire creative and marketing process. Inbound marketing, supported by intelligent copywriting, is the backbone of online business growth in the 21st century. CopyBlogger is an authority on that subject!



Bloggers: Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves & Caleb Wojcik

I’ve got huge respect for the guys over at Fizzle. Between Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Caleb Wojcik, the trio produces some fantastic content. They understand what ‘entrepreneurs’ need to do in order to kick their business into a new gear, or even better, starting a business on the right foundation. They also run a weekly podcast, namely “The Fizzle Show” where they discuss a whole array of topics around starting and running a business.



Blogger: varied

I wish I can single out a blogger here, but the product is a collection of effort from various highly knowledgeable bloggers. Hubspot has produced fantastic content over the years. Hubspot is an inbound marketing solutions company who aids businesses and marketers in creating and managing inbound marketing campaigns.

While their inbound marketing software is fantastic, I’m not writing to promote that. It’s the content they produce. You can expect fantastic content on everything digital marketing and they are not shy to share. It’s fascinating the amount of quality stuff they crank out over there. It’s a must-follow blog.



Bloggers: varied

Building an email marketing list is key, especially if your business is going digital. Litmus is all about email marketing and they love to share epic email marketing strategies, tips and insights. It’s probably also THE best resource to pay attention to if you’re planning on designing an email newsletter. Follow their advice, they know what the hell they are talking about, is all I’m going to say.



Blogger: varied

Another multi-authored blog. The Moz blog is an EPIC destination if you’re into Search Engine Marketing. The founder, Rand Fishkin, regularly blogs there. You’ll fall in love with his Whiteboard Fridays. The site is always fresh with the latest how-to’s – and don’t expect fluffy content either. It’s all stuff you can actually use.



Blogger: Noah Kagan (Founder and CEO of the exciting AppSumo)

He operates his widely successful personal blog over at OkDork.com

He blogs primarily about start-up marketing. Among other things, Noah is well known for his knowledge on growth hacking and he is not afraid to share it!



Blogger: Neil Patel

I must admit, I’m new to Neil’s blog, but damn I love it. I visit it often. Too often in fact. Neil’s site is fast becoming the stickiest resource around online business growth. The guy churns out massive, quality pieces of content. Some of his massive pieces are like 30,000 words.

But don’t think for one moment it’s a bunch of gibberish, in fact, it’s structured into chapters that naturally flow from one to the next and it’s beautifully weaved into graphics. If Neil keeps this up, he might as well throw a big lock on the front door and ask people money for access, but then again…the fact that the content is freely available makes it such an attractive place to visit. Well done Neil.



Blogger: Ian Cleary

This is my favourite source of information on social media tips & tools. Razorsocial just do it extremely well.

Ian Cleary, the founder, has got a solid background in start-ups. In fact, before starting RazorSocial, one of Ian’s own tech start-ups got bought out.

Every single business needs to give attention to social media. It can no longer be ignored. If you’re getting into social marketing or you need help kicking ass, then head over to Razorsocial.com



Blogger: Jon Yongfook

Jon is a former Accounting & Finance graduate turned software developer turned start-up founder. His successful ventures all hit main stream media publishers such as Time Magazine.

He blogs over at YongFook.com

This dude knows about how to grow a business from the ground up and he peels back all the layers in his blog! Better hop over there.



Blogger: varied

This is, without a doubt, the biggest and most influential site on social media marketing. SME has got fantastic how-to content, not to mention great podcasts. Again, as with Hubspot and the like, they have multiple authors who produce fantastic content. I visit them very frequently as the content is really addictive.



Blogger: Derek Halpern

Derek runs a hugely successful blog that boasts over 100,000 subscribers. The secret? He shares content that all businesses desperately want – that is, how they can be more persuasive and ultimately make more money. Derek puts a lot of time into his research behind persuasion and he loves sharing it all with his readers and subscribers. I’m a huge fan of his video updates. They’re quite entertaining! Do you want your business to be more persuasive? Subscribe to SocialTriggers.com asap.



Blogger: Pat Flynn

Pat got laid off in 2008. What did he do? He started an online business selling ebooks and he ended up doing really well. He growing that business he felt like sharing his successes and what he had learned with the world. Smart Passive Income was born, and what a gift to us all. You can see from everything that Pat does, it vibrates value. He puts a lot of effort into his work. I started listening to his podcast last year and love the content. Definitely worth a bookmark!



I hope you find their content as thought provoking and inspiring as I do. There are tons of amazing bloggers out there and I wish I can point them all out. I just feel that these 15 blogs/bloggers deliver exceptional value with their readers.

I highly recommend you subscriber to their email lists or add their RSS feeds to your email or rss reader. That way you don’t miss out.

Remember – there’s nothing that fuels procrastination more than information overload. So if you feel that subscribing to all these sites at once is too much, then subscribe to one each month. Get a feel for the content they are delivering and set some email rules to put the emails in a place where you can go back and easily find/read them again. There has been times where I got an awesome piece of content which I didn’t have the time to finish reading, and if I didn’t move the email into a dedicated folder it quickly drowned in a sea of promotional emails. Stay organised!


Are there any other blogs that you highly recommend I follow? Please share them with me in the comments below :)

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